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What is a VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is an easy and effective way to protect yourself on the internet from:

Internet Service Providers

Without a VPN

When you access a website without a VPN, you are being connected to that site through your internet service provider, or ISP. The ISP assigns you a unique IP address that can be used to identify you to the website. Because your ISP is handling and directing all your traffic, it can see which websites you visit. And your activity can be linked to you by that unique IP address.


With a VPN

When you connect to the internet with a VPN, the VPN app on your device (also called a VPN client) establishes a secure connection with a VPN server. Your traffic still passes through your ISP, but your ISP can no longer read it or see its final destination. The websites you visit can no longer see your original IP address, only the IP address of the VPN server, which is shared by many other users and changes regularly.


Benefits & When to use a VPN


A VPN allows you to:

    Change Location
    Protect Your Privacy
    Increase your security
    Download Anonymously
    Unblock Prohibited Websites

When to use a VPN

Use a VPN when:

    Using public wi-Fi
    Purchasing Flights Online

Ask Mr. WebSmith uses: Express VPN

Benefits of using Express VPN:

    Stronger Data Protection
    End-to End encryption
    Lightning Quick Connectivity
    Ultra-fast servers in 94 countries
    Live 24-hour customer support
    Most advanced server technology: ExpressVPN Trusted Server

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